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WheelKare was started with the intent to fulfill the specific need of providing affordable, wheelchair-accessible on-demand transportation. We know there are many transportation companies throughout southeastern Mi however, we stand out by our great client Kare.  Our chauffeurs are for your service of commuting to and from wherever you require.

WheelKare excels by providing: door-to-door, on-demand and pet-friendly customer service. Yes, as pet owners, we enjoy taking our pets to the park and their appointments and we wanted to extend that pleasure to our passengers. 


We don't employee drivers. Our chauffeurs don't just move you around like luggage. Fully trained to assist clients from the place of pickup to the destination, it is our pleasure to serve you.


All chauffeurs have passed a nationwide background check and have received HIPPA training. We've also implemented video monitoring in our vehicles, for your Kare and consideration. 


While other transportation companies might require days or weeks in advance to schedule or a ride or receive a quote, we can be booked and en-route in a manner of minutes. 

Meet Your Chauffeurs

*For all requests, please allow a 15 minute grace period for safe travel through traffic.  Please plan a 15-minute window for arrival and departure.  

For Employment opportunities submit your resumes HERE

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